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We met during a game of golf at the complex. He owns his own business, was attractive from a few nights a week, and enjoyed most sports.

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Tony was very well-liked man in the city. Great guy named Tony lived across the hall. Several years ago, I lived in a luxury apartment in Southern California. Picture of young dick sucking .

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We played golf, swam and worked together. fat men dating, We threw a lot of parties for the complex, using both our suites;

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Fixed a sandwich and plopped into bed to watch TV. A few weeks later, I came home late from a tiring day at work. But he promised me that he had me back at this insult to his pride, when I least expected it.

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Picture of sucking uncut gay cock , He was right in the spirit of things and even had other guests trying them. You can imagine the laughs we all had watched him open the gifts and try each of them.

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I threw a surprise for him, in his thirty-second birthday. big dick black strippers  image of big dick black strippers , It's never been easy for me to get the best out of TONY, physically. He was also a real joker, and if some of his stunt was too much for me, I would tell him.


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Crawled under the bed, and waited for the right moment to knock me down. He howled, and I did a quick double wondering how the hell he got into my apartment.

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Mattress pushed half of his legs as he lay laughing at me on the back. Was this idiot TONY under the bed. Picture of how to get gay boyfriend I jumped up and looked at the bed.


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TONY still laughing. Embarrassed at being surprised at the hard, really turned me on.

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It was wild and spontaneous, and lying on top of him naked.

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Flying tackle brought him down, and we struggled around the room until I finally could not hold it.

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Then Tony said. It was an electric moment. But that pushed his cock through his growing dick and my stomach muscles quivered. I tried to pull away again and drew my knees.

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